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Municipal Public Security

Querétaro is committed to creating a world-class police system, well trained and with better working conditions.

The programs of the Axis 1 Safe Municipality: Reliable Police, Prevention and Alert establish comprehensive security strategies that involve the use of technologies for the timely monitoring of activities in public spaces and the promotion of actions aimed at recreation, culture and sport, with the certainty that these strengthen social cohesion.


In adherence with the applicable regulations, and in compliance with the General Law of the National Public Security System, 1,461 evaluations were carried out on municipal police personnel: 631 were for performance, 518 for basic competences of the role and 312 for trust control.

Source: Municipality of Querétaro. Ministry of Municipal Public Security, 2021.

PREVIENE PROGRAM (meaning Prevent)

Its objective is to contribute to the reduction of the incidence of crime in the municipality through social, situational, community and psychosocial prevention mechanisms. Working very closely with citizens and carrying out educational, community, sports, artistic-cultural, psychosocial and socio-productive activities, it strengthens the cohesion of the social fabric to reduce violence and crime.

For this purpose, the municipality has four Comprehensive Social Prevention Centers (CIPRES, for its Spanish acronym) that work under the approach of strengthening social cohesion, promoted through 2,859 workshops, courses and trainings that benefited 14,029 residents in 51 neighborhoods. The activities were carried out with the support of 49 community promoters together with 46 institutions. It is important to mention that 28,102 citizens attended the CIPRES centers.

Fuente: Municipality of Querétaro. Ministry of Municipal Public Security, 2021.


Educational centers are important spaces to promote positive social change and a culture of tolerance, respect for diversity and peaceful coexistence. For this reason, it is important to work and promote a positive peace-building agenda and critical spaces for interaction and learning.

One of the lines of action to serve children and youth population is the School Patrolling Program. Its activities included:

Source: Ministry of Municipal Public Security, 2021.


In order to continue providing greater security to the citizens and preventing traffic accidents caused by drivers driving under the influence of intoxicating beverages, the Municipal Guard Directorate implemented the preventive road device "Breathalyzer" (alcohol meter) — currently the "Take Life Seriously" program — in the main avenues of the municipality of Querétaro, always with absolute respect for the human rights of citizens, obtaining the following results:

Source: Municipality of Querétaro. Ministry of Municipal Public Security, 2021.


As this is a priority issue for the municipality, the DAVVFG has created a department that, in coordination with the Attorney-General's Office of the State of Querétaro, the Local Commission for the Search of People of the State of Querétaro, and other competent authorities, acts to find disappeared individuals, or to collect evidence and objective information to help find them.

In 2020 the Alba Protocol was activated 532 times for the search of women (girls, adolescents and adults). It was cancelled 511 times and maintains 21 current follow-ups. With the work of the staff, 35 people were located. As a follow-up to these activations, 210 type reports were issued 24 hours after activation, 151 of 48 hours and 114 more 72 hours after the initiating the investigation.

The Attorney General's Office of the State of Querétaro attended 187 activations issued for the search and location of people, 71 were canceled and 116 remained active.

For its part, the Local Commission for the Search of People of the State of Querétaro issued 471 reports out of which 90 involved women and 381 men, 59 and 111 of which were cancelled, respectively. A total of 31 people were located.

In the case of other occurrences, 71 collaborations were received, 32 cases of women with 2 cancellations and 39 of men with 9 interruptions of the process.



As part of the preventive and security actions, the Ministry of Municipal Public Security of Querétaro (SSPMQ for its Spanish abbreviation), through the Municipal Guard Directorate, arrested 3,558 people for committing various crimes and also referred 8,266 people to the Civic Court for various administrative offenses.

Source: Municipality of Querétaro. Ministry of Municipal Public Security, 2021.

Civil Protection

The main purpose of the Municipal Civil Protection Coordination (CMPC for its Spanish acronym) is to guarantee compliance with security measures in commercial, industrial and service establishments.

In 2020, the CMPC implemented 13 special projects through 91 courses and 64,177 trainings given in its own facilities, the following table specifies the topics that were covered:

Culture, sports and recreation


Culture in the municipality of Querétaro is an essential element for social unity and the well-being of its inhabitants. Thanks to a diverse and inclusive offer of activities, people of all ages find their artistic side, preventing behaviors that may affect their physical and mental health.

To promote these actions, the Ministry of Culture (SC, for its Spanish abbreviation) organizes events that, in addition to strengthening the human development of the community, preserve the heritage, identity and cultural education of the municipality.

The public health emergency, derived from the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease in 2020, presented a challenge for the SC, which was able to reorganize the annual work agenda without interrupting cultural activities thanks to the institutional digital platforms.

Due to these measures, 2,543 activities were carried out in the same year for the benefit of 2,107 artists. The events, both virtual and face-to-face, brought 2 million participants together.


The municipality of Querétaro, through the Sports and Recreation Institute, guaranteed citizens’ rights to practice sport and physical activity as a vehicle for recreation and the proper use of free time to promote habits that increase people’s quality of life.

In 2020, 201 sports facilities were registered and located within the 23 spaces of sports infrastructure.

Institute to prevent risk behaviors

To encourage citizen participation in creating healthy habits and lifestyles, the municipality of Querétaro has created an agency that seeks to propose, implement, and develop public policies to protect the fundamental right to physical and mental health of the population who is in vulnerable circumstances due to ignorance and the inability to notice the risk of engaging in certain behaviors.

The institute oversees three programs:

1. Psychological First Aid

2. Strengthening Rehabilitation Centers

3. Mental Health Interventions

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